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The Altai Pentix Federation (APF) was founded on March 22, 1995 by a group of young specialists of the Mathematical Department of Altai State University, creative group "Dubovaya Rostcha N6/17 XO", and by student club of the Altai State University.
The APF Charter, adopted by the Constitutive Congress includes the aims and purposes of the Federation. Among them are the popularization of the game of all centures and peoples Pentix; propaganda of healthy way of living; intellectualization of the rising generation.
To execute the Charter the competition and championships among Pentix fans are annually held by the APF. The championships are held according to the regulations, worked out by the Presidium of the APF. The date of championships is the Saturday nearest to April, 1 - the Mathematician Day.

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The Rating of the APF for March,31 1996

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