The regulation of the championship
according to the APF version

To take part in the APF Pentix Championship teams of 3 people are to make applications by the time fixed by the Federation for the next championship competitions.
The APF championship includes two sections: "Blitz Pentix" and "King Size Pentix".



Summary primacy is expressed by the formula BK = B*Pi + K, where BK - points in summary primacy; B - points taken in the section Blitz; K - points taken in the section King Size.

Championship Winner

The winner of the championship in the personal primacy according to the APF version is the participant who took the 1st prize in the section King Size.
The winner of the championship in the team primacy according to the APF version is team wich took the 1st prize in the section King Size.
According to the total individual sum the APF rating is being made for the current year, taking into the consideration the rating system adopted by the Federation till the next championship.

The Rules

The Championship is being held in two stages, each of wich consist of 3 rounds. Only one representative of a team takes part in every round. The first stage is Blitz section, the second is King Size.
For each section only one attempt is possible. The game starts with the eighth or ninth level.
For use of "Esc" and "Pause" buttons during the game the participant is disqualified and gets the zero point in the record.

Requests to participants

Every participant is due to have an identification mark of the A4-size made by himself wich should include: a clearly seen and distinctive name of the team, a nick player name, and a free place for a two-digit number with the size 0.05x0.05 m. Yhe Mark should be on the back 0.25 meter higher then a waist.

The Rating system of the APF

The candidate to the Master up to 9'000
The 3rd class Master from 9'000 to 12'000
The 2nd class Master from 12'000 to 16'000
The 1st class Master from 16'000 to 20'000
The Candidate to the Grand Master from 20'000 to 22'000
The 3rd class Grand Master from 22'000 to 27'000
The 2nd class Grand Master from 27'000 to 31'000
The 1st class Grand Master from 31'000 to 48'000
The Highest Grand Master from 48'000 to 55'000
The Grand Master of the International class from 55'000 to 80'000
The Absolute Champion of the APF 80'000 and higher

It is established by the Presidium of the APF on March 19, 1996.

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