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[ Russian ]

Women's Sport Club
(Barnaul, Russia)

Vladimir Kobzev Barnaul is a capital of Altai Region is situated in South-Western Siberia. Our city has unique russian women's sport club is presented by field hockey and rugby teams. Club name was preserved from soviet epoch. "Communalshchik" may be translating as "municipal servies worker".
In 1977 women's field hockey team was born on Altai State University historical department. Its first coach was present president of the club Vladimir Kobzev (look at the photo). In the beginning of 80-ies Communalshchik began taken the first and the prize places in junior, young and republicain championships. The important event for Altai sport had a place in 1985 when Barnaul club entered the field hochey USSR First League. During that time there was the golden age of Altai women's field hockey - Communalshchik children-young sport school founded some brances in the country regions. In 1990 the women's rugby team was created. In 1992 and 1993 it became the champion of the women's rugby Asia League.
From the beginning of 90-ies Communalshchik had its bad time connected with russian economical crisis. Difficulties of the siberian club existence are connected not only with heavy climate but with distant trips during competitions. For example, in 1997 championship Communalshchik visited St.Petersburg (3250 km distance from Barnaul), Moscow for four times (3000 km) and Volgodonsk, Rostov-Don Region (3000 km). The whole distance is about 18250 km.
In spite of all difficulties Communalshchik demonstrates good results (look through Achievements). Today Communalshchik is unique siberian professional women's field hockey team.

  • Club totem: sable.
  • Club colors: red, white (Spartak Society colors).
  • Sports: field hockey, rugby, biatlon.
  • Club address: Communalshchik Stadium, ul. Malakhova, 243, Barnaul.
  • Address for letters: Altai Sport Committee, 65, ul.Proletarskaya, Barnaul, Russia-656056.
  • Phone: (3852) 346-348.
  • E-mail: vyazan@altapress.altai.ru.
    Founded Jan 10 1998.
    Last update Jul 12 2000.

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