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20th Anniversary Holiday, May 24 1997.

They are invincible with stick and "melone"

Communalshchik Stadium "Svobodnyi Kurs" weekly, May 29 1997.

Great jubilee collected on stadium tribunes the veterans with the families, the friends of club and sport istablishment chiefs. President of the Field Hochey Federation of Russia Sergei Chechenkov arrived from Moscow on 20th Anniversary Holiday. He made present to the club and gave souvenirs and wear with the simbols of the Russian Federation to Altai sport figures. Sergei Chechenkov valued for Svobodnyi Kurs weekly the Communalshchik current conditions and perspectives:

- Being on High League 3rd place is a good achievement. Barnaul club is in its ascent after several difficult seasons. Two of Barnaul sportwomens rugby girls are candidates for the national squard to take part in Intercontinental Cup which is held 1997 in Zimbabwe. The club officials desert is in the development and keeping the field hockey as a kind of sport in Siberia.

I wish statement officials to pay more attention to the unique sport club. Nowadays, the opportunities for the team progress depend on equipping of the club stadium with the "polygrass" cover. The effort of regional administration and our federation is required for it.

Altai sport commetee chief Victor Nasonov admited he fell in love with the Communalshchik because the club is female. The head of the region hockey girls body-building federation Nikolai Grin, who was working for Communalshchik as a coach, rewarded Vladimir Kobzev with the certificate and the badge of the federation. The sponsors, Vladimir Veselkov ("Mnogogrannik" munitipal enterprise) and Vladimir Golovin ("Altaigasservis" Joint-stock), promised to help the Communalshchik club as usually.

The following show game between field hockey veterans and juniors and rugby two-side caused the bright reaction on the full tribunes. Spectators scaned fan slogans. The main of them was "In Russia is no team better then rugby two-side Communalshchik!" (in Rissian language it is rhymes). Besides Fans demonstrated "waves".

After furchette all wishers took part in mini-football and arm-restling competition. Evening party was a final of that stick and "melone" holiday (rugby ball has the melone shapes).

Long live Russian Sport!

Vadim Vyazantsev, women's hochey and rugby observer.