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[ Russian ]

Hockey international matches:

1993, Jun. Testing matches. Brussels.
Belgium - Communalshchik - 1:1
(Tatiana Shefer had a goal for Russian team).
Belgium - Communalshchik - 3:0

After first matche Belgian players was in shock. Belgian papers wrote only: "Deutche nationality sportwoman had a goal". Belgian referees was not objective in second match and "buried" the Russian team.

Rugby international matches:

1990, Aug-Sep. Christchurch (New Zeland).
Women's rugby festival for a clubs.
4th Place. 15 teams from New Zeland, USA, Russia, Japan and Netherland took part in festival.

1991, May. Berlin.
1st Place in "Berliner SV 92" Frauenturnier Pfingsten.

1992, Jun. Berlin.
3rd Place in "Berliner SV 92" 100th Frauenturnier Pfingsten and Fair Play Cup.